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OptiSquare 2x2 for Highbay, Street and Area Lighting

The 2x2 optics family completes our outdoor optics range, which already consists of the 4x4 and 8in1 optics. 
The new "OptiSquare 2x2 Optics“ - optimized for Philips Fortimo Fast Flex DA HE and DA G5 LED modules and suitable for 5050 LEDs as well as HP LEDs. The optics are available in six different versions: 35.104.1001 -1006:

Product features of the OptiSquare 2x2:

  • high optical efficiency > 95%
  • 2x2 optics for high efficiency solution
  • screw mounting

Typical application for 35.104.1001 - 1003 and 1005, 1006 - Street and Area Lighting
  • Sidewalks

  • Access roads
  • Loading and access ramps
  • General roadway and street lighting
  • Parking lot and parking area lighting
  • Parking lot and parking area edging
  • Traffic islands and intersections
Typical applications for 35.104.1004 - Highbay and Area Lighting:
  • Parking lot and parking area lighting and perimeter lighting
  • Industrial lighting such as high-bay warehouses, packaging and shipping halls, production halls

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