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BJB relies on green energy: photovoltaic system on the factory buildings

Lighting technology innovation leader BJB is continuing its 150-year tradition of investing not only in lighting technology, but also in sustainable energy. In cooperation with Stadtwerke Soest, an impressive one-megawatt photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of the production halls at the end of last year.

The 1 MW output enables BJB to generate a large part of the base load in production itself, depending on the amount of sunshine on working days. Surplus electricity flows into direct marketing via the municipal utilities. But that's not all: as a company from the Sauerland region, BJB is also actively committed to improving the environment. As part of the "WaldLokal Community", BJB supports the planting of trees to promote climate-stable mixed forest and close gaps in the landscape caused by climate change.
These initiatives underline BJB's commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. As a technology leader, the company goes beyond the development of innovative lighting solutions and sets an example for a green future. BJB proves once again that knowledge, innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand.