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Arnsberg, March 30, 2014: 
The small connectors as presented by BJB at Light + Building enable the most efficient solution of automated production of LED light fittings. As a part of the BJB///OEM-Line, the components furthermore open up new scopes for development for the design of light fittings and consequently considerable added value for the light fitting manufacturers.  
Intelligent solution 
Smart ideas for an efficient and therefore cost-effective production of LED light fittings are presented by BJB – the specialist in connection technology – at Light+Building. The well-thought-through and easy-to-process components or systems combine the expertise of “conventional“ connection technology and the know-how in the automated wiring of light fittings. The components are adjusted to the specific characteristics of the light source LED – like the extremely flat design, but also the well-thought-through heat management - and offer an easy snap-in handling instead of soldering. This opens up new scopes for development for the design of light fittings and consequently considerable added value for the light fitting manufacturers.  
As a trend-setting alternative to conventional screw fixing, the Push-to-Fix clip (P2F) is offered, with which LED modules of the BJB///OEM-Line or modules from other manufacturers can be fixed. Consisting of a metal spring and an elastic silicone ring it creates a permanent pressing force of more than 10 N and due to the even connection between circuit board and the housing of the light fitting without deflection, it ensures an excellent heat dissipation – an aspect which is important over the lifetime of LED light fittings.  
Additionally, due to its resistance to deformation and temperature resistance by means of the virtually floating mount, the silicone ring can compensate tolerances or elongations caused by thermal changes of a component fixed in such a way. With the P2F fixing elements, which can be mounted quickly and safely with a (manual) hand tool, forces arising during the automatic wiring can also be absorbed effectively.  
The electrically insulating connection towards the circuit board is vibration-proof and shock-resistant. Five variants of the Push-to-Fix elements with silicone rings of different colours cover the ranges of thicknesses of LED modules and metal sheets of the light fittings between 1.5 mm and 3.6 mm. With the performance of several tasks at the same time, the concept of P2F clearly offers higher benefits through quicker and easier workability, when compared to screw fixing. 
Multiple advantages implemented 
A simple technology with multiple effects is also offering the Board-to-Board connector (B2B), which stands out due to its flat appearance. This element with its push wire technology allows you, on the one hand, to fix LED modules to the housing of the light fitting and/or to assemble LED modules into jointless continuous strip lights. On the other hand, the B2B component establishes an electrical connection. Therefore there is no additional wiring, reducing the formation of interfering shadows; the risk of polarity errors is reduced by means of a clear marking for series connection and/or parallel connection. Also the assembly is much easier, as neither screws nor tools are necessary. 
Multiple advantages are also offered by the Board-to-Cable connector (B2C) by means of the mechanical fixing and connection of LED modules together with the electrical contacting in just one step and without soldering. This concept, without the use of screws and tools, makes assembly easier.  
A metal spring ensures a permanent pressing force and reliable retention on the Board-to-Board connector (B2B) as well as on the Board-to-Cable connector (B2C). Furthermore, LED modules can be positioned in various points and be replaced individually if required.  
Therefore, the components of the BJB///OEM-Line prove to be both an easy and efficient solution for the series production of delicate LED light fittings.  
Perfect connection  
In the case of light fittings with the control gear arranged on the rear side of the LED module, the SMD terminal blocks for rear wiring clearly show their advantages, as the light fittings need not be turned during the assembly. The elimination of this time-consuming work step speeds up considerably the automated production. As wires, terminal blocks and control gear are now hidden “elegantly” behind the LED module, individual LEDs cannot be obstructed by carelessly positioned wires – a free and clear light output is assured. Moreover, due to the flat design, the optics and lens systems can be positioned directly above the module.  
Adjusted completely to the delicate design of LED light fittings are the one-pole and two-pole terminal blocks for circuit boards SMD mini for soldered fixing. The small components are captivating due to their extremely flat design of only 4 mm, which also minimizes a possible formation of shadows.  
The geometry of the miniaturized terminal blocks is adjusted precisely to the default values that are standard for automatic wiring with push wire technology: with the use of rigid as well as fine-stranded flexible conductors with tinned conductor ends with cross sections of 0.34 mm2 to 0.75 mm² and a stripping length of 8 mm. The specific constructive design of the terminal block prevents a conductor being inserted too deeply, thereby preventing damage. An additional advantage of the flat SMD terminal blocks is that the automatically wired or manually inserted rigid conductors can be released again without the use of tools, by turning and pulling simultaneously. For an easy processing with pick-and-place machines the SMD Minis are supplied in tape-and-reel packages.  
All components of the BJB///OEM-Line show that they are thoroughly thought through. Because they not only take account of the specific requirements of the light source LED, but also of the demand for an efficient and therefore cost-effective series production of LED light fittings. 
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Manager Marketing-Communication 
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