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New catalogue 2016 - Technology for Light (5320,06 KB)
BJB catalogue for domestic appliances (4433,89 KB)

Brochures / Flyers for Light for Appliances

BJB brochure - Light for Appliances (6307,9 KB)
BJB brochure - AIR (Lighting for cooker hoods) (8632,42 KB)
BJB brochure - HOT (Lighting for ovens, microwaves and and steam cookers) (4500,37 KB)
BJB brochure - COLD (Lighting for refrigerators and freezers) (3680,07 KB)
BJB brochure - WET (Lighting for dishwashers, washing machines, tumble driers and small appliances) (742,89 KB)

Brochures / Flyers

Brochure Linear Flat System - OEM (4215,98 KB)
Brochure Linear Flat System - Light Designer (2004,1 KB)
BJB Brochure SMD Terminal Blocks (4594,65 KB)
BJB LED-e-Line brochure (1362,23 KB)
BJB Automation ADSONE 2.0 (1780,55 KB)
BJB Brochure Hospitality (2315,96 KB)
BJB Brochure Industry (2296,24 KB)
BJB Brochure Office (2416,59 KB)
BJB Brochure Retail (2635,11 KB)
BJB Brochure Outdoor (1982,76 KB)
Brochure lampholders for T5 lamps (974,51 KB)
Brochure lampholder for T5 Seamless lamps (1369,44 KB)
Brochure G24 and 2G11 (1724,64 KB)
Brochure lampholders for compact fluorescent lamps GR14q (1475,27 KB)
Brochure lampholders 2GX11 for compact fluorescent lamps (1864,76 KB)
Brochure HID (1209,59 KB)
Brochure HID lampholders GU8.5 (1410,84 KB)
Brochure HID lampholders G22 (1461,31 KB)
Brochure HID lampholders PGZ18 (1384,64 KB)
Brochure LED connectors for StarBOARDS (3180,47 KB)
Brochure lampholders for LED light sources Fortimo Twistable from Philips (1304,92 KB)
Brochure connectors for LED light sources from Citizen (1161,24 KB)
Brochure connectors for OLED modules from OSRAM (999,92 KB)
Brochure ADS Test Station (2847,07 KB)
Brochure ADS One (1025,3 KB)
Brochure ADS Basic (1104,18 KB)
Brochure ADS Master-L (1325,92 KB)


Teamviewer QS - Remote control client for ADS machines (3986,53 KB)


BJB Logo -Brücke zum Licht- (RGB, 72dpi) (51,68 KB)
BJB Logo -Brücke zum Licht- (CYMK, 300dpi) (650,4 KB)
BJB Logo -Your Connection to Light- (RGB, 72dpi) (64,78 KB)
BJB Logo -Your Connection to Light- (CYMK, 300dpi) (718,3 KB)