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Our engineers are experts in their fields, and “second best” is not part of their vocabulary. 
Of the 2,000 plus products that we now manufacture, there are about 100 new developments or improvements each year. From this you can see that, as partners to the lighting and domestic appliance industry, we are constantly looking for creative approaches which will provide improved solutions to our customers. Today one can justifiably say that, without this very time-consuming and expensive work, many things which are now standard in the industry would not exist. 
In the case of both light fitting components and lighting systems for domestic appliances, our work begins with the consideration of products, markets, requirements and improvements. It is essential that every BJB development should stand the test of time and provide maximum benefit to our customers. However, this is only possible when more experience and knowledge is invested than perhaps appears necessary at first sight. 
What actually inspires our engineers and technicians to be constantly creating something new? One reason is definitely the feeling of working for a brand which is in first place in its industry worldwide. This brings the commitment and motivation needed for exceptional efforts. It also generates the will to maintain this position and extend the lead. So, now you know why the phrase “second best” does not apply at BJB.