Terminal block (Rast 5) 46.455.3111.50


  • 46.455.3111.50
  • 17 g
  • 250
  • white
  • 50
  • 85-40°
    Temperature rating

    Declaration of the minimum and maximum permissible environmental temperatures according to IEC 60998 / VDE 0613, part 1 and 2

  • dop
    Twin push wire terminals
  • verz max. ø 1,8 mm
    For tinned wire ends within the cross sectional range stated

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

  • Ader max. ø 1,8 mm
    For wire ends with ferrule to the maximum diameter stated

    The cable and termination used must be compatible in respect of: Diameter and length of the ferrule, strip length of insulation. For further information see DIN 46228, part 3, size 1 - 7 Material and surface of ferrules have to correspond to the relevant application. For temperatures > 200°C we recommend ferrules of steel, nickel plated.

  • 1dräht 0,5 - 2,5 mm²
    For solid conductors

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

  • LWD 0,5 - 1,0
    Mounting material thickness (in mm)
  • 16A/450V

    Declaration of rated voltage in volts and rated current in Amps.

  • alp
    Automatic final testing of light fittings
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Release button on the inside for the upper connections (see drawing) Release options for bottom... more

Product information "Terminal block (Rast 5)"

Release button on the inside for the upper connections (see drawing)
Release options for bottom connections (Wire release by twist and pull)
Product name: Terminal block (Rast 5)
Short description: 5-pole double decker
Mounting method 1: Push through mount
Material: Housing: PC
Marking: 3 N ⏚ 1 2
Material thickness: 0.5 - 1.0
Quantity of poles: 5
Color: white
Weight: 17
Pkg.: 250
Available information
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46.455.3111.50 Approval at hand CQC Download PDF file
46.455.3111.50 Approval at hand EAC Download PDF file
46.455.3111.50 ENEC Approval VDE Download PDF file
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