SMD Push through terminal block - 1 pole 46.151.1001.50

  • 46.151.1001.50
  • 11200
  • CAD


  • LED-SMD-Line

    SMD terminal block

  • Uimp 2,5kV
    Rated impulse voltage

    Rated impulse voltage (Uimp) indicates the peak value, to which the component can be used without failure.

  • einz
    Single pushwire terminals
  • abisolier 8.0 + 1 mm
    Stripped length

    Stripped length in mm

  • verz 0.20-0.50 mm² AWG 24-20
    For tinned wire ends within the cross sectional range stated

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

  • 1dräht 0.20-0.75 mm²
    For solid conductors

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

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Direct insertion of solid and stranded, tinned wire ends Wires can be released by twisting... more

Product information "SMD Push through terminal block - 1 pole"

Direct insertion of solid and stranded, tinned wire ends

Wires can be released by twisting and pulling the wire simultaneously.

Mounting and wiring position: PCB bottom side

Ballast and PCB terminal block on one level

Machine-compatible "tape-and-reel" packaging

Fixing: Lead-free reflow soldering according to DIN EN 610760-1, section 6

It is recommended to make an electrical connection between both poles of each polarity on the solder mask

For further technical data, please refer to the technical data sheet under menu item downloads.

Instructions for soldering process
Suitable for leadfree-reflow-profiles according to DIN EN 61760-1 respective DIN EN 60068-2-58 up to peak-temperature of max. 260°C. Due to different application-specific parameters (component arrangement and alignment, soldering system, solder paste), it is recommended to use test runs to determine a suitable profile under production conditions.
Depending on the SMD soldering process and associated parameters a minor discoloration might occur. However, this will not influence the functionality.

Product name: SMD Push through terminal block - 1 pole
Mounting method 1: Solder fixing
Material: Material: Housing: PPA, white Contact material: CuNi Contact surface: hot-dipped tinned
[URus Rating]: 9A / 600V (UL 1977), 24 - 18 AWG
Wiring: from below the PCB
Approval: IEC 60947-7-4, additional cURus
cULus file no.: E-365006
Quantity of poles: 1
Weight: 0,5
Pkg.: 11200
Available information
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46.151.1001.50 ENEC Approval VDE Download PDF file
46.151.1001.50 cURus (USA and Kanada) UL Download PDF file
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