Reflector Ø 92 mm, Medium 35.850.1010.56

  • 35.850.1010.56
  • 192
  • white
  • 100C
    Temperature rating for the US-market
  • CAD


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Reflector is optimized for use with connectors 47.319. 2013 / 2021 / 2025 / 2026 / 2345 and... more

Product information "Reflector Ø 92 mm, Medium"

Reflector is optimized for use with connectors 47.319.2013 / 2021 / 2025 / 2026 / 2345 and 47.360.5010.50 with Ø 50 mm.

• Reflector interface is adapted to the mixing cone of the connector
• Possibly visually disruptive openings of the connector are partly covered

Recommended for COB's with LES < 17 mm pkg. 

Beam angle (FWHM) measured with Citizen CLU38 and connector 47.319.2025.50.

Beam angle depends on used COB and its LES.

Product name: Reflector Ø 92 mm, Medium
Light Distribution: Medium
Mounting method 1: Bayonet fixing by Twist & Lock action
Material: PC, Aluminium coated
Pkg.: 192
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