OptiSquare 4x4 - Oval 35.116.1009.85

  • 35.116.1009.85
  • 500
  • -40°C bis +80°C
    Temperature rating

    Declaration of the minimum and maximum permissible environmental temperatures according to IEC 60998 / VDE 0613, part 1 and 2

  • CAD blau


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Pitch distance 12.5 mm more

Product information "OptiSquare 4x4 - Oval"

Pitch distance 12.5 mm
Product name: OptiSquare 4x4 - Oval
Short description: Optics for Highbay and outdoor lighting according to Zhaga Book 15
Light Distribution: Oval
Mounting method 1: Screw fixing: (0.5 Nm) for screws M3
Material: PMMA
Length: 50 mm
Width: 50 mm
Height: 5.4 mm
UGR: n.a.
Operating temperature: -40 °C up to + 80 °C
Surface: Lens surface: High gloss
Suitable for: Suitable for LED chips 3030, 2835 and LED modules with 4x4 Pitch according to Zhaga Book 15
Color: clear
Pkg.: 500
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