OptiLine Performance - DA 35.324.1004.85


  • 35.324.1004.85
  • 37 g
  • 84
  • white
  • CAD


  • 110C
    Temperature rating
  • LWD 0,5 - 1,0 mm
    Mounting material thickness (in mm)
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Suitable for LED modules Philips Fortimo Strip OC from 280 mm (1ft) to 1450 mm (5ft) Push-in... more

Product information "OptiLine Performance - DA"

Suitable for LED modules Philips Fortimo Strip OC from 280 mm (1ft) to 1450 mm (5ft)
Push-in fixing into luminaire metal sheet or aluminium profile
Centering pins for mounting and optimal alignment of optics and LED module
Centering pins als for anti-twist protection and fixing of LED modules
Uniform contact pressure of the LED module by integrated spacer pins
Key and slot system for a gapless assembly of the optics
Only one end cap for both ends
- Improved visibility and contrast of the illuminated areas
- Good and uniform light distribution
- Reduced glare
Product name: OptiLine Performance - DA
Short description: Pitch dependent single row optic - DA - 1-Click-Fixation: Fixing of LED module and optic in one step
Range of applications: Linear- and panel lights Office: Work place lighting and corridor lighting Shop: General lighting and corridor lighting Industry: Park stores, department stores and warehouses Public applications: Corridors and stairways
Light Distribution: Double asymmetrical
Mounting method 1: Einclipsbefestigung
Material: PC
Length: 283 mm
Width: 40 mm
Height: 8,4 mm
Operating temperature: max. 110 °C
Utility film: https://youtu.be/1DNfsMp1Op4
Surface: Micro structure
Optical efficiency: 93,5 % (Philips Fortimo LED Strip OC)
Suitable for: Philips Fortimo LED Strip OC
Color: clear
Weight: 37
Pkg.: 84
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