Adaptor 26.921.-322.50


  • 26.921.-322.50
  • 2 g
  • 250
  • white
  • 1dräht 0,5 mm²
    For solid conductors

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

  • LWD 1,0 - 1,5
    Mounting material thickness (in mm)
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Produktinformationen "Adaptor"

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Short description: for lampholders G 5 and G 13 in the BJB connector system
Material: Housing: PC
Approval: Adapter für Fassungen G 5 und G 13 im BJB-Stecksystem
Material thickness: 1.0 - 1.5
Color: white
Weight: 2
Pkg.: 250
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Web Foto Standard 1 Adaptor 26.921.-312.50
Web Foto Standard 1 Sleeve 27.660.U301.81
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