SMD-P2F (Push-to-Fix) – solderable fixing element 28.904.U101.10

  • 28.904.U101.10
  • 0.18 g
  • 12600
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No additional screw-fixing assembly required Suitable for fixing PCBs in light fittings or... more

Product information "SMD-P2F (Push-to-Fix) – solderable fixing element"

No additional screw-fixing assembly required
Suitable for fixing PCBs in light fittings or alumium profiles (see data sheet)
Permanent, constant contact pressure with a minimum pressure force of 5 N
Suitable for standardized hole patterns with ø 4.5 mm in the LED board
For mounting plate cut-out ø 3.0 +0.2 mm
Reliable heat dissipation due to constant contact pressure
Suitable for manual and automatic final installation of PCBs
Automated assembly solution on request
Low-profile component prevents shadowing
Alternative to screw fixing => no torque screwdriver required
Quick installation process increases productivity and reduces production costs
Tape and reel packaging
Low insertion force prevents possible damage which may occur with screw fixing
Releasable connection
Product name: SMD-P2F (Push-to-Fix) – solderable fixing element
Country of origin: DE
Packaging type: Blister belt
Packaging quantity: 700
Short description: For simplified final installation of LED boards by means of pre-attached P2F
Mounting method 1: Push-in fixing for mounting PCBs
Total thickness (X): 1.5 - 2.6 mm
Material: Spring: CrNi, Solder plate: CuSn
Weight: 0.18
Pkg.: 12600
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Web Foto Standard 1 Bit 28.904.U811.10
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