COB connector Ø 50 mm for LED array 19 x 19 mm 47.319.2021.50

  • 47.319.2021.50
  • 5 g
  • 504
  • LED-c-Line

    LED Connector

  • 130
    Temperature rating

    The maximum operating temperature is given by a T marking according to IEC. This is the maximum continuous operating temperature for which the component is designed. Additional information may be given for the rear of the component (i.e.. Tm 110° C). For UL temperature marks, contact BJB.

  • einz
    Single pushwire terminals
  • verz 0,25 - 0,5 mm²
    For tinned wire ends within the cross sectional range stated

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

  • 1dräht 0,5 mm²
    For solid conductors

    (for the gauge or cross-sectional range indicated).

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With integrated reflector interface Screw mounting: for screws M3 and locking washer Max. torque... more

Product information "COB connector Ø 50 mm for LED array 19 x 19 mm"

With integrated reflector interface
Screw mounting: for screws M3 and locking washer
Max. torque for screw fixing 0.5 Nm*
Strip length: 7-1 mm
Polarity of LED must be observed
Specifications of LED manufacturer must be observed
cURus: For limited applications
VDE-Reg. No. E289
*Please note the max torque of the COB manufacturer
Product name: COB connector Ø 50 mm for LED array 19 x 19 mm
Mounting method 1: Screw mount
Mounting method 2: P2F fixing with 28.902.-102
Prefixation of COB: No
Material: Housing: PBT Contacts: CuSn
LED manufacturer: Liteon, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Bridgelux, Everlight, Itswell, LEDtech, Lextar, Citizen, Luminus, Prolight Opto, LG Innotek, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, Sunpu, Cree, Tridonic, Philips, Xicato, Vossloh-Schwabe, Edison
LED Typ: CLU03X / 712 / 72X, V13 - Gen. 7, COB-N series, DMC 114/118/125/128, SLE G6 LES 17, SLE G6/G7 LES 15, ZC12/18, LC016D / 19D / 26D / 33D, PACB 032/PACF 57, Soleriq S13 - 19x19 mm, M045, PB26H01, LP30N3-84N-B131299, Xuan1919, Opto 30W, CIM-14 / CLM-14 / CXM-14, XOB014, Soleriq S15, G17, CVM-14, CMU 1516, PB19H01, CMU 1519, PB16H01, CMU 1526, CHM-9 / CHM-11, SAW x1564A, CMU 1532, Fortimo SLM C 1205 L15 1919 G7N, 15W L-COB G2, V13 - Gen. 8
Conductor cross-section: 0.5 mm²
cURus file no.: E-345385
Rating: 3A / 150 VDC
Weight: 5
Pkg.: 504

Suitable for the following LED models:

LED Manufacturer LED Type More Information
Bridgelux V13 - Gen. 8
Bridgelux V13 - Gen. 7
Citizen CLU03X / 712 / 72X
Cree CMU 1532
Cree CMU 1526
Cree CMU 1519
Cree CMU 1516
Edison Opto 30W
Everlight Xuan1919
Itswell COB-N series
LEDtech LP30N3-84N-B131299
LG Innotek 15W L-COB G2
Lextar PB16H01
Lextar PB26H01
Lextar PB19H01
Liteon M045
Luminus CIM-14 / CLM-14 / CXM-14
Luminus CHM-9 / CHM-11
Luminus CVM-14
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S15
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S13 - 19x19 mm
Philips Fortimo SLM C 1205 L15 1919 G7N
Prolight Opto PACB 032/PACF 57
Samsung LC016D / 19D / 26D / 33D
Seoul Semiconductor ZC12/18
Seoul Semiconductor SAW x1564A
Sunpu G17
Tridonic SLE G6 LES 17
Tridonic SLE G6/G7 LES 15
Vossloh-Schwabe DMC 114/118/125/128
Xicato XOB014
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47.319.2021.50 Approval at hand EAC Download PDF file
47.319.2021.50 cURus (USA and Kanada) UL Download PDF file
47.319.2021.50 Certificate of Conformity VDE Download PDF file
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