BJB brings light to the dark

When you look into the dark refrigerator in the evening or the light in the oven suddenly goes on the blink, then you realise how important the small lamps in our household appliances really are. The medium-sized family business BJB from Arnsberg in the Sauerland region of Germany has specialised in precisely these lighting solutions that are subject to heavy use: technology for light.

 This includes components for the lighting industry. However, the largest business area for the traditional company, which has 150 years of experience in the production of light sources, is the design of optimal lighting solutions for household appliances. Through specialisation in LED technology, innovative strength, many patents, a broad product portfolio and proximity to customers, BJB GmbH & Co. KG has made a name for itself as a hidden champion over the past decades. Unnoticed by consumers, the global market leader supplies almost all well-known companies, providing practical and technically highly sophisticated interior lighting for household appliances.

 This specialisation brought BJB a successful business year for this sector in 2020 and played a significant role in the lighting specialist achieving a total turnover of 66 million euros with its approximately 450 employees worldwide. Turnover in the household appliance sector soared and increased significantly. The export share was 80%. In this way, BJB GmbH & Co. KG was able to close this last business year, which was very stressful for many, with a profit.

 “COVID-19 cannot stop us, rather the opposite,” explained Managing Director Philipp Henrici. “BJB positioned itself early on with customers as a reliable development partner for innovative lighting components for the household appliance industry. It's paying off now.”

 In recent years especially, the household has increasingly evolved from a place for household chores to a living space. The kitchen is no longer just for preparing food, but rather for laughing and living: it has become an essential part of living culture.

 For this reason, BJB is also constantly developing its lighting solutions, adapting to customer-specific requirements and is valued across the industry for its customised products that are precisely tailored to the needs of the market. The LED lighting solutions from the experienced Arnsberg company are one thing above all: efficient. Compared to conventional lights, they clearly surpass them in criteria such as colour rendering and performance, and impress with their outstanding quality and sophisticated optical light control. As a result, they bring more light to the hob, into the oven or into the refrigerator compartment, and provide an enormous technical but also visual upgrade to modern kitchen appliances.

 Light does so much more to us than we think, and even if we only ever notice the lights in our household appliances when they have just stopped working, we subconsciously associate them with safety, warmth and a pleasant sense of well-being.

 This is exactly what BJB GmbH has made its motto: putting things in the right light and thus making the daily use of household appliances an enjoyable experience. “Customers and users of the household appliance industry see us as a strong and reliable partner who consistently delivers effective and flawless products, and we plan to continue doing exactly this in 2021. This year, we expect further growth of this branch of our business in the home appliance segment.”, says Philipp Henrici confidently.

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