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COB Connector Slim Ø44 LED array 20x24

Product information "COB Connector Slim Ø44 LED array 20x24"
With integrated COB holder and interface for reflectors 47.940
Easy pre-assembly of LED
Screw mounting: for screws M3 and locking washer
Max. torque for screw fixing 0.5 Nm*
Strip length: 8+1 mm
Polarity symbols of connector and LED must be observed in assembly
Specification of LED manufacturer must be observed
In a series connection of LED modules, the air gap and creepage distances has to be sized that each module covers the total voltage of the series connection
*Please note the max torque of the COB manufacturer
BHC: CSPM Serie 2024NW
Conductor cross-section: 0.35-0.5 mm²
Material: Housing: PBTContacts: CuSn
Note warranty conditions: *Warranty conditions of BJB GmbH & Co. KG as stated as available via the Internet under are valid.
Operating temperature: max. 110°C
Packaging quantity: 540
Pre-centring for COB: Yes
Producttype: Slim Spotlight Connectors and Accessories
Rating: 3A / 150 VDC
Series: COB Slim Connectors - 47.360
Weight: 4 g
mounting method 1: Screw mount
mounting method 2: P2F fixing with 28.902.-102
mounting method 3: Tip for fastening by screws: The screw chamber of the 47.360 series has a height of 1.9 mm. The screw head must not be higher, otherwise the reflector will fit poorly or not at all.


Suitable for the following LED types

LED manufacturer LED designation More information
LUMILEDS Luxeon 1204
LUMILEDS Luxeon 1205
LUMILEDS Luxeon 1208
Philips Fortimo LED SLM PW 1208 G7
Philips Fortimo SLM C930 1208 L15 G7
  • 0,35-0,5 mm²

  • 8.0 + 1 mm

  • 8.0 + 1 mm

  • 0,35-0,5 mm²

  • 0.35-0.5 mm²

  • 8.0 + 1 mm


P2F COB Connector
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