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COB Connector Ø40 LED array 13.5x13.5

Product information "COB Connector Ø40 LED array 13.5x13.5"
With integrated reflector interface
Screw mounting: for screws M3 and locking washer
Max. torque for screw fixing 0.5 Nm*
Strip length: 7-1 mm
Polarity of LED must be observed
Specifications of LED manufacturer must be observed
cURus: For limited applications
VDE-Reg. No. E289
*Please note the max torque of the COB manufacturer
Conductor cross-section: 0.5 mm²
Material: Housing: PBTContacts: CuSn
Operating temperature: max. 130°C
Packaging quantity: 420
Pre-centring for COB: Yes
Producttype: Spotlight Connectors and Accessories
Rating: 3A / 150 VDC
Series: COB Connectors - 47.319
Weight: 5 g
mounting method 1: Screw mount
mounting method 2: P2F fixing with 28.902.-102

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Suitable for the following LED types

LED manufacturer LED designation More information
Citizen CLL022
Citizen CLL024
Citizen CLU022
Citizen CLU024
Citizen CLU025
Citizen CLU026
Citizen CLU027
Citizen CLU028
Citizen CLU7A2
Citizen CLU7B2
Citizen CLU700
Citizen CLU701
Citizen CLU702
Citizen CLU703
Cree CMT1407
Cree CMT1412
Cree CMT1420
Everlight Xuan1313
Itswell IWC-B09R2-XX-B1202
Lextar PB04H07.0
Lextar PB07H04.0 Gen. 2
Lextar PB10H08.1
Lextar PB13H01 V4
Luminus CHM-6-XH20 Gen2
Luminus CHM-9 GEN1 AC00
Luminus CHM-9 GEN2 AC10
Luminus CIM-9 AC30 Gen3
Luminus CIM-9 AC40 Gen4
Luminus CLM-9 GEN1 AC00
Luminus CLM-9 GEN3 AC30
Luminus CLM-9 GEN4 AC40
Luminus CXM-3 - 36V, 18V, 9V
Luminus CXM-4 - 36V, 18V, 9V
Luminus CXM-6 AC30 Gen3
Luminus CXM-6 AC40 Gen4
Luminus CXM-9 AC00
Luminus CXM-9 AC30 Gen3
Luminus CXM-9 AC40 Gen4
Luminus CXM-9 GEN2 AC00
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S9
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S9 / GW KAFGBx
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S9 / GW KAFHBx.EM/CM
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S9 / GW KAFJBx.EM/CM/DM
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Soleriq S9 Gen. 2
Philips Fortimo SLM C 1203 L09 1313 G7N
Prolight Opto PASB-16FNL-EC2NS40 16W
Prolight Opto PASB-16FVL-EC2NS27 16W
Prolight Opto PASB-16FVL-EC2NS40 16W
Samsung LC003D Gen.2
Samsung LC003D Gen. 3
Samsung LC006D Gen.1
Samsung LC006D Gen.2
Samsung LC006D Gen. 3
Samsung LC009D Gen. 3
Samsung LC010C Gen.2
Samsung LC010C Gen. 2
Samsung LC013D Gen.2
Samsung LC013D Gen. 3
Seoul Semiconductor SAWS0661A [SunLike]
Seoul Semiconductor SAWS1063A [SunLike]
Seoul Semiconductor ZC-4 / SDW81F1DY
Seoul Semiconductor ZC-4 / SDWx1F1B
Seoul Semiconductor ZC6
Toyoda Gosei 13,5x13,5
Tridonic SLE 06mm R SNC8
Tridonic SLE 09mm R SNC8
Tridonic SLE G5 LES6
Tridonic SLE G5 LES11
Tridonic SLE G6 10mm 1200lm
Tridonic SLE G6 LES 10
Tridonic SLE G7 09mm 1200lm
Tridonic SLE G7 LES 9
Vossloh-Schwabe DMC122
Xicato XOB09 LES 9,8
Xicato XOB 9.8 mm / XOB099xxx15x3621
  • 0,5 mm²

  • 0,25 - 0,5 mm²

  • 0,25 - 0,5 mm²


P2F COB Connector
Reflector Flood, Ø 50.5 mm
Reflector Medium, Ø 50.5 mm
Reflector Spot, Ø 50.5 mm,
OptiSpot Collimator - spot
OptiSpot Collimator - medium
OptiSpot Collimator - flood