CAD-referenced measurement

The target-actual comparison is almost inevitably followed by a CAD-referenced measurement of the test piece. The test piece has been aligned with the CAD model by means of a specific logic. It is now possible to measure off the drawing dimensions on the CAD model and transfer these to the model of the test piece via an automatic link. This results in a target-actual dimensioning which indicates the deviation and, if desired, a tolerance analysis with OK or NOK criteria.


ISTR – Initial Sample Test Report

CAD-referenced measurement can, of course, be carried through to a complete ISTR. For this purpose, all dimensions are measured in accordance with the drawing and the individual drawing views and are output in almost any tabular format for further processing.

The drawing up of initial sample test reports with our technique is particularly effective when several identical parts are to be measured. This is because the appropriate programming for the ISTR can be carried out completely by means of a CAD model. Then, when parts are sampled, only the measurement time of the CT system is required. The subsequent creation of the ISTR is fully automatic. The initial sampling time is shortened significantly.


Creation of surface models / Reverse Engineering

Regardless of further analyses, the surface models of the test piece which have been created can be used as a basis for reverse engineering. If, for example, you have tools for which you no longer have product drawings or if the current product status no longer corresponds to the documented status, then the surface model of the test piece can be imported into your CAD system by means of appropriate software as a basis for a new or additional design.


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