Oven lamp G4, 55 x 70 mm 77.707.1102.23


  • 77.707.1102.23
  • 110 g
  • 48
  • aluminium plated
  • 23
  • 300
  • G4 G4, 20W, 12V
    Lamp fitted with special G4 bulb

    Lamp fitted with bulb as per wattage, cap and main voltage stated

  • Licht
    Technical lighting information
  • LmAder
    Wire ends with ferrule
  • LWD 1,0 - 2,0 mm
    Mounting material thickness (in mm)
  • Pyro
    Lamp for self-cleaning ovens

    The lamp was matched to the special requirements of self-cleaning ovens. E.g., special lenses made from borosilicate glass are availabe. However, the oven manufacturer must test the suitability themselves, as the construction characteristics of different oven models and the embodiment position can affect the lamp.

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Other cable versions on request more

Product information "Oven lamp G4, 55 x 70 mm"

Other cable versions on request
Product name: Oven lamp G4, 55 x 70 mm
Information about RoHS / REACH: This product contains the following REACH SVHC substances: Lead in specific copper alloys For more information, please refer to: https://www.bjb.com/en/Information-RoHS/REACH
Range of applications: Home
Mounting method 1: Einclipsbefestigung
Material: Lens: borosilicate glass 550° C Reflector: Steel aluminised Lampholder: Steatite
Wires: PTFE (max. 250° C), Lead length: 147 mm
Suitable for: Standard
Lamp: G4, 20W
Color: aluminium plated
Weight: 110
Pkg.: 48
Available information
Available information
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77.707.1102.23 Approval at hand EAC Download PDF file
77.707.1102.23 ENEC Approval VDE Download PDF file
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Web Foto Standard 1 Bracket 26.421.-340.50
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