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Arnsberg, March 30, 2014: customer-specific added value is provided by the automatic production systems of the BJB///OEM-Line presented by BJB at Light+Building 2014. This concerns, on the one hand, the test station for LED light fittings, and on the other hand the programming of universal control gear. 
Specialist with expertise 
As a leading supplier of systems for automatic assembly, wiring and testing of light fittings, BJB is always thinking one step ahead. The test stations of the BJB///OEM-Line for LED applications presented by BJB at Light+Building are the proof. They ensure the constant high quality of the LED light fittings, this being just as important as an efficient and cost-effective production. Extended benefits are not only the camera system for the function test of the light fitting, but also by the possibility to program the control gear at the same time. 
Thoroughly tested 
The test stations, which are of modular design and therefore can be configured as per customer specification, are accurately adjusted to the requirements of LED light fittings, and they can be added to the automatic wiring machines of the product lines ADS One, ADS Basic and ADS Master L. The test desk is ESD-protected and is provided with an Earth Bonding Point for the operating personnel. The automatically lowerable protection cover of tinted polycarbonate offers, on the one hand, sight protection and on the other hand the condition that the whole test process can be carried out unattended.  
The options for equipment for the test stations are the compact tester GLP 1 or the more comfortable PC-based version GLP 3 as well as a camera system, which compares each image of the LED module with a master image, obtaining thereby an actual result about whether all LEDs are really emitting light. The camera-based procedure has clear advantages against the visual inspection carried out by the operating personnel, as for example there are not any symptoms of fatigue and/or glare.  
With the basic version GLP 1 the test of the protective conductor and the insulation resistance as well as the functional test can be carried out. The more intelligent variant GLP 3 offers additional further tests via the DALI-interface as well as 1-10-V-interface of the control gear for light fittings with dimming function. The result of the final test of the light fitting is shown on the monitor and logged for a later analysis and saved in an Access database or SQL database.  
For the specified operation  
The DALI interface can also be used to program the control gear with the compact tester GLP 3 in one work step with the final test of the light fitting. This guarantees that the LED modules are supplied with the “correct“ constant current. Because in the meantime there exist all-purpose converters which are not designed for standard values like 350 mA, 700 mA, or 1.050 mA, but cover an extensive range of constant current.  
Besides this “digital“ parameterization directly during the test, there is the possibility of a mechanical-electrical parameterization by means of a resistor. For this, BJB has developed the so-called Set’n’Drive-Resistor, which after the end of the wiring can be placed on the secondary side of the LED converter, manually as well as automatically with the wiring tool of the ADS wiring machines. When doing so, the three gripping positions allow it to be placed at any angle. For this, the Set’n’Drive-Resistors are pre-positioned in correct position in trays in the area of the worktray. This contact-protected processing takes into account the requirements of this sensitive component LED. 
So, such well-thought-through solutions for automatic assembly, wiring and testing basically concern customized special purpose machines – a specialty of BJB. 
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