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LEDset2 interface: Developed to connect 
With the LEDset2 interface, Osram creates a new path towards standardizing the communication between LED control units and LED modules. LEDset2 ensures optimal efficiency, a high level of reliability and reduction of costs within LED systems. With licensing and a partnership model, Osram also enables other companies to utilize its technology and logo.  
The interface developed by Osram enables communication between various LED control units and module types, thereby reducing costs for luminaire manufacturers and installers in terms of components and logistics. Until now the components, according to the specific manufacturers, had to be matched. Thanks to LEDset2 this is no longer the case, and single components can now be simply interconnected and operated. 
Achieving common success with strong partners 
An Osram partnership model enables other companies to use the technology and logo of the LEDset2 interface. „The industry has been looking for standardization in the interface between LED controlgear and LED modules, which is not covered in Zhaga.” said Geert van der Meer, CEO of the Business Unit Light Engines & Controls at OSRAM. “Our LEDset2 initiative anticipates on this strong need, which is also underlined by the fast adoption by industry partners”. 
The same perspective is shared by the Early Bird LEDset2 Partners: 
Mr. Thomas Patzelt, CEO of BAG electronics Group: “We are firm believers in the necessity of a common electrical interface between LED control gear and LED modules: the LEDset2 program fully matches our vision and it becomes a pillar of BAG product portfolio of LED controlgear”. 
Mr. Juergen Bergmann, Marketing Director at BJB: “We welcome the LEDset2 partnership program, aiming to a standardized electrical interface concept between LED controlgear and LED modules. With Set’n’Drive components, BJB offers the accessories and the automated manufacturing technologies supporting LEDset2.” 
A concrete interest in the LEDset2 initiative has been shown by ROAL Electronics SpA, evaluating the opportunity to introduce in the future the LEDset2 technology concept in its LED controlgear portfolio.  
Getting to know the LEDset2 program scope and the large spectrum of advantages offered 
LEDset2 interface specification aims to represent the base of standardization of the electrical interface between LED controlgear and LED modules. LEDset2 program covers – but it’s not limited to – the very recent response indicated by the Zhaga Consortium about market need of independent interchangeability of LED modules and controlgear. 
To know more visit the LEDSet2 program’s partners at coming light+building in Frankfurt !