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BJB is helping to promote the future use of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) in general lighting applications with a view to them becoming a mass-market product. As the leading specialist in base-lampholder systems worldwide, BJB is a joint partner in the “OLYMP” project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In this project, six German companies are working to develop long-life, high-efficiency, low-cost OLED systems. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is sponsoring the three-year research project with 13.8 million euros. The total cost of the project will be 33.5 million euros. The participating companies and the Ministry anticipate that the OLED industry will enjoy above-average growth worldwide in the medium to long term. The objective of projects such as “OLYMP” is to help Germany compete on the international market as a leading location for modern lighting technology. 
Like the related LED technology, OLEDs are particularly energy-efficient, only requiring one-fifth of the electrical power used by conventional light bulbs. In addition, the slim, light, potentially flexible OLEDs are opening up a whole new dimension in lighting: For example, they can illuminate large areas with a pleasant, warm light. So far, however, the manufacturing costs of OLED lighting elements have been far higher than those of conventional light sources. Consequently, OLED devices are only used in very expensive niche applications at present.  
The six companies participating in the research project “OLYMP” are pursuing three key objectives: 1. To increase the lifespan of OLEDs significantly. 2. To develop process technologies which will enable flexible, transparent OLEDs to be produced in a cost-effective manner. 3. The experts of the companies involved are to carry out research into the structural design and contacting technology of OLED luminaires. 
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research assumes that, by successfully realising the key objectives of the project, the participating companies will lay the foundations for a widespread use of OLED technology in general lighting applications, thereby securing their own future and that of Germany as a high-tech location in the lighting field.  
In addition to BJB, the companies participating in the research project “OLYMP” are: Osram Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg, Merck in Darmstadt, Ledon OLED Lighting in Dresden, Osram in Munich and Trilux in Arnsberg.