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The organisers of the Lightfair in Las Vegas again achieved a record number of visitors: Over 24,000 trade and professional visitors attended the fair, an increase of 2,000 over the figure two years ago. The Lightfair is the largest and most important fair in the US with approximately 500 exhibitors taking part this time.  
Once again, the dominant theme of the Lightfair was LED technology. In Las Vegas it was once more manifestly clear how much this new technology is revolutionising the lighting industry: More and more internationally renowned lamp manufacturers are extending their range of business activities to include luminaire production.  
BJB also exhibited numerous developments for the LED field. BJB’s interchangeability thesis is gaining increasing acceptance in the industry. Professional visitors showed an especially keen interest in an LED connector based on the Zhaga standard. As this BJB component has a particularly flat design, light output can be increased significantly.