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ADS Basic – BJB presents the next generation of automatic wiring machines for light fittings  
One of the chief priorities of all companies is to achieve and safeguard competitive advantages. With this aim in mind, the streamlining of production operations is an important and extremely effective process. Important factors here are the size of the company, product lines investment framework and engineering resources. 
For light fitting manufacturers, 
the assembly process and in particular the wiring of light fittings, is a labour-intensive and consequently, expensive part of the production chain. As a result, many light fitting manufacturers have already automated their wiring processes. They are successfully using ADS – the automatic direct wiring of standard components – from BJB. ADS technology is highly regarded by users: High productivity, repeatable product quality, improved production logistics and good material flow – this is how the comprehensive benefits of the systems are often described. 
ADS Basic 
is specially designed for the variable production of small and medium-sized light fitting batches. BJB now presents a further improved version of the ADS Basic machine unit. The Basic version comprises of three stations: a manual workstation, a wiring station with 6-axis robot and a test station for testing of the light fittings in accordance with EN 60598. 
Now there is the new option, 
depending upon the volume of work and production requirements, the ADS Basic can be equipped with two or three work tray carriers which can be set up flexibly. These tried and tested carriers can be prepared quickly - now without tools – for the type of light fitting to be produced. This system also ensures that future generations of light fitting can be accommodated without having to change the work tray carrier.  
Further improvements have also been made to the wiring tool, which, in conjunction with the dynamic 6-axis robot, now offers even higher wiring speeds. Even extremely inaccessible components within the body of the light fitting can now be reached without difficulty and safely wired with the improved wiring tool. Increased operational safety is provided by the wiring tool’s new collision module. As soon as the wiring tool senses an obstruction, it tilts over in the direction of travel and the robot stops immediately and is then able to resume production without delay. 
The monitoring of the position of the wiring tool and its precise adjustment is now supported by the automatic tool measurement function. If action is required, the system operator is instructed to check the setting of the wiring tool and correct it if necessary. 
Automatically linked to success. 
This is the slogan for the ADS Basic system, and it can be understood in more than one way, because BJB – an acclaimed partner of the lighting industry worldwide – is again demonstrating its innovative strength and direct practical application with the new generation of ADS Basic.