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Magic moment for LED star PCBs  
BJB – the leading base and lampholder specialist worldwide – is revolutionising the installation of LED star PCBs. 
LED, the growth market with extraordinary future prospects, is now gaining speed, and the new connec-tors for star PCBs from BJB are providing the impetus. This system is unique worldwide and revolution-ises the embodiment within LED light fittings. BJB is renowned for its innovative and uncompromising practical products, and the same approach has been used for the new product category LED lighting and connec-tion technology. 
The contacts of the future – 
this is what the new connectors for LED star PCBs from BJB could be called. The reason is that the labo-rious, time-consuming and often faulty soldering on of connection leads is now a thing of the past. Push-wire terminals are the solution. BJB has indeed succeeded in transferring the push-wiring principle to the field of LEDs. 
Screw on, push in, clip on – 
yes, the installation of LED star PCBs can now be described as a modern industrial process. This is be-cause, thanks to the BJB system, the insertion of the lens is now quite simple: Clip instead of glue is the BJB formula. The new development for the efficient installation of LED star PCBs has two parts and con-sists of a connector and a lens holder. The connector has two screw holes for fixing both the star PCB and the connector in the light fitting housing, the two push-wire terminals and the snap-in mounting for the lens holder This is shaped in such a way that it can be clipped onto the connector without difficulty. The lens holder has a mounting to suit the lens in use. With slight pressure, the lens can be inserted safely and with a perfect fit. The star PCB can be changed just as easily as it can be installed. If it is necessary to replace the light source, i.e. the LED, this can be performed by an unskilled person. The BJB connector system is compatible with LEDs which can be placed on star PCBs, e.g. from OSRAM, Philips Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor and other suppliers. 
High “acceleration rates” 
can be expected for the installation of light fittings with LED star PCBs with the new connector system from BJB. Installation times can now be drastically reduced, thus making the entire production flow much more efficient. BJB increases the delivery capability of light fitting manufacturers.