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From oil lamp burners to light-emitting diodes 
Six generations, one company, many facets. This one sentence sums up the history of Brökelmann, Jaeger & Busse, or BJB for short. 
BJB was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm Brökelmann, Franz Jäger and Gustav Busse in 1867 and started out as a factory for the production of oil lamps and subsequently, components. The  
location and current headquarters is in the town of Arnsberg in the Sauerland region of Germany. During the process of industrialisation from the middle of the 19th century onwards, numerous light fitting manufacturers set up factories in the area. 
Around the turn of the century, with the universal trend towards electrification, the incandescent lamp established itself as the generally recognised light source. This offered a higher light  
intensity than the candles and oil lamps used previously. Accordingly, in 1911, we changed over to the production of incandescent lamp bases. 
The subsequent global expansion of electrical infrastructures brought further sales potential. Lamp technology also developed rapidly and created new possibilities for artificial light. Our range of products increased continuously and we now offer over 2,000 different products to our customers in the lighting and domestic appliance industry worldwide. And when the market called for greater productivity in manufacturing, we developed ADS, our programme of innova-tive solutions in the field of automation.