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Because the world is changing, we are changing too. 
BJB’s core business has always been associated with light. Firstly, this takes the form of solutions which enable various light sources to be integrated into light fittings, or the “Connection to light” as we say. Secondly, it involves light fittings themselves - in and on domestic appliances. Here we develop and supply systems for every conceivable application, from ovens to washing machines, refrigerators, extractor hoods and microwave ovens. However: Nothing stays the same. In our case in particular, one can easily recognise what a strong effect progress has on the way people live, work and think. 
A firm example is globalisation. Never in history has the global exchange of goods been on such a large scale as today. Never has there been competition extending to the remotest corners of the earth. Never has it been so important to develop one’s own strengths as a company more distinctly so as to preserve one’s identity in the various markets. When we speak of identity, we also mean the manner in which we interact with our customers and suppliers. 
We want to be reliable, professional and friendly, in all areas and on all occasions. In spite of all the pressure to be flexible, this is not something we wish to change.