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BJB speaks many languages, namely those of our customers. 
BJB’s headquarters are in Arnsberg, Germany. We also have production facilities in Spain, the USA and China as well as subsidiaries in the UK, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, there are fifty representatives worldwide through whom we serve all important markets of the lighting and domestic appliance industry. Wherever you look, wherever there is light, there is BJB. We are close to our customers. Our export rate is 80% and we currently supply customers in over 70 different countries.  
No wonder our employees speak many languages. English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese are just some of the languages now used for communication in the day to day business of BJB. 
With globalisation, international competition is influencing our lives to an increasing extent. For a long time now, commercial contacts have been unrestricted by national borders. 
This trend will continue and we will have new tasks and challenges to occupy us. International operations have always been one of the principles behind the successful development of our company. Now they would appear to provide an equally good basis for a successful future.