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0.5 mm²
0.5 mm²
Suitable for the following LED models:
LED model
LED specification
CXA/CXB 1816
CXA/CXB 1820
Product description
Approval: additional cULus
cULus file no.: E-345385
Connector for COBs
With integrated reflector interface
Easy assembly by vision panels
Screw fixing
Housing: PBT
Contacts: CuSn
Rating: 3A / 150 VDC
  • Screw fixing: for screws M3 and locking washer 
  • Max. torque for screw fixing 0.5 Nm 
  • Strip length: 7-1 mm 
  • Polarity of LED must be observed 
  • Specifications of LED manufacturer must be observed 
  • VDE-Reg. No. E289
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pkg. wt. part no.
504 5 g
Product photo
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